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Artist Image Description List; friedbarbariancoffee. "Untitled." friedbarbariancoffee.tumblr.com. Tumblr, 18 April 2015. 24 September 2015.

Archival box with bottle of gin donated to MoMA's library.

"This was donated to the Museum of Modern Art Library in New York City. A handmade archival slipcase with a glass a bottle of Barr Hill Gin. The foil stamping on the side reads: HORVITZ and 2014. It was donated to the library, to become part of the library’s collection, to be shelved inconspicuously amongst the other books. For the librarian whose had a long day, or for the exhausted post-grad researcher…. (a libation for a librarian?)

(Barr Hill Gin was used because the Vermont based distillery is named after the small town Barr Hill nearby. This town was founded by the Barr family, which included Alfred Barr H. Jr., MoMA’s first director.)

These are donated untitled to the libraries. I am unsure how it is catalogued.

The box was hand built by Small Editions in Red Hook, Brooklyn."


stamping (marking)
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