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  1. B-3. A Scroll Painting B-3. A Scroll Painting (Work) by Zhang, Hongtu (1990)

    Materials and Techniques: burlap and acrylic on wood and canvas

    Local Subjects: Zhang, Hongtu; Chinese scrolls; emptiness; modernity; Chinese elements

  2. Chinese Metaphysics- 5 Basic Elements Chinese Metaphysics-5 Basic Elements (Work) by Sun, Carol (1993)

    Materials and Techniques: acrylic on paper

    Subjects: metal; earth; water; wood (plant material); cultural heritage

    Local Subjects: Sun, Carol; heritage; Chinese elements; fire; balance

  3. Parents Parents (Work) by Wong, Martin (1982)

    Materials and Techniques: acrylic on canvas

    Subjects: men (male humans); Wong, Martin

    Local Subjects: Chinese elements

  4. Dim Sum Dim sum (Work) by Mafong, Richard

    Materials and Techniques: sculpture

    Subjects: life; food

    Local Subjects: Mafong, Richard; Chinese elements

  5. (Title Unknown) (Title Unknown) (Work) by Ji, Yun-Fei

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media painting

    Subjects: Nature

    Local Subjects: Ji, Yun-Fei; Chinese elements

  6. Brave New World No. 3 "The Incubator" Brave New World No. 3 "The Incubator" (Work) by Pham, Nathalie (2005)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media sculpture

    Subjects: heads (representations); hands (animal components)

    Local Subjects: Pham, Nathalie; touch; humanity; Chinese elements

  7. Tai Chi Tai Chi (Work) by Zhang, Jian-Jun (1996)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media installation

    Subjects: culture; symbols; color

    Local Subjects: yin yang; Zhang, Jian-Jun; qi; Chinese elements

  8. Not Mary Poppins Not Mary Poppins (Work) by Lee, Bovey (2006)

    Materials and Techniques: paper cutout drawing

    Subjects: women; icons; umbrellas; shadows; masterpiece (concept); animals; aves (class); birds (animals)

    Local Subjects: deities; clouds; Lee, Bovey; Chinese elements

  9. The Monkey Prince The Monkey Prince (Work) by Chu, Ken (1988)

    Materials and Techniques: acrylic painting

    Subjects: life; symbolism (artistic concept); symbols; anthropomorphism; fantasy; color; multiculturalism; animals; food

    Local Subjects: Chu, Ken; Chinese elements