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  1. Contemporary Angels A Mural of Contemporary Angels (Work) by Yeh, Lily (1994)

    Materials and Techniques: mural

    Subjects: youth

    Local Subjects: Yeh, Lily; community

  2. Ile Ife Photo The Ile Ife Community Garden (Work) by Yeh, Lily (1988)

    Materials and Techniques: community project

    Subjects: neighborhood parks

    Local Subjects: Yeh, Lily; community

  3. The Studio Portrait The Studio Portrait, A Collaborative Project by Carol Sun (Work) by Sun, Carol (2002)

    Materials and Techniques: installation

    Subjects: portraits; histories; families; storytelling; Bronx (borough)

    Local Subjects: Sun, Carol; community

  4. Bowey Mission Kimono Bowery Mission Kimono (Work) by Miyamoto, Kazuko (1991)

    Materials and Techniques: charcoal on cotton

    Subjects: kimonos; homelessness; New York (inhabited place); Chinatown (neighborhood)

    Local Subjects: Lower East Side; Miyamoto, Kazuko; community

  5. Unraveling Unraveling (Work) by Shin, Jean (2006)

    Materials and Techniques: yarn of sweaters collected from Asian American art community

    Subjects: color; New York (inhabited place); Honolulu (inhabited place); Los Angeles (inhabited place)

    Local Subjects: Shin, Jean; Berkeley; Wahington DC; community