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  1. 15 Brush Strokes 15 Brush Strokes (Work) by Zhao, Sui Kang (1991)

    Materials and Techniques: wall sculpture

    Subjects: structures (single built works); three-dimensional; brush strokes

    Local Subjects: Zhao, Sui Kang; The Chinese Brush; spirit

  2. Mineral Spirit Mineral Spirit (Work) by Tran, Tam Van (2001)

    Materials and Techniques: acrylic on canvas on panel

    Subjects: grids (layout features); pixels; Tran, Tam Van

    Local Subjects: low-tech; oxymoron; spirit

  3. City Awaken City Awaken (Work) by Paik, Younhee (2002)

    Materials and Techniques: oil on canvas

    Subjects: symbolism (artistic concept); symbols; light (energy); Nature; fish

    Local Subjects: September 11; 9/11; Paik, Younhee; spirit

  4. Churning Universe Churning Universe (Work) by Barnes, Toby

    Materials and Techniques: painting

    Subjects: religions (concept); animals

    Local Subjects: deities; universe; Barnes, Toby; eastern philosophy; spirit; cosmos; interconnectedness

  5. Sleepless Sleepless (Work) by Sabharwal, Tara (1991)

    Materials and Techniques: watercolor painting

    Subjects: beds (furniture); hands (animal components)

    Local Subjects: Sabharwal, Tara; body; spirit; consciousness

  6. Body Spirit Body Spirit (Work) by Fay, Ming (1993)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media installation

    Subjects: installations (visual works); Nature; man-made

    Local Subjects: Fay, Ming; spirit