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  1. Churning Universe Churning Universe (Work) by Barnes, Toby

    Materials and Techniques: painting

    Subjects: religions (concept); animals

    Local Subjects: deities; universe; Barnes, Toby; eastern philosophy; spirit; cosmos; interconnectedness

  2. Trees Dream People, People Dream Trees Trees Dream People, People Dream Trees (Work) by Sabharwal, Tara (1989)

    Materials and Techniques: watercolor on size

    Subjects: landscapes (representations); trees; Nature

    Local Subjects: spirituality; universe; Sabharwal, Tara

  3. Tuskuyomi (moon-night-viewing) Tuskuyomi (moon-night-viewing) (Work) by Nagasawa, Nobuho (2000)

    Materials and Techniques: public art installation

    Subjects: plazas; crescents (shapes); Nature

    Local Subjects: moon; universe; Nagasawa, Nobuho; cycles; mapping

  4. Twelve Pebbles Twelve Pebbles (Work) by Kuga, Toshinori (1995)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media sculpture

    Subjects: mandalas

    Local Subjects: universe; Kuga, Toshinori

  5. Madhumaki Madhumaki (Work) by Jain, Vandana (2002)

    Materials and Techniques: gouache on paper

    Subjects: color; mandalas

    Local Subjects: universe; Jain, Vandana

  6. You Shall Not Come To Our World You Shall Not Come To Our World (Work) by Miyamoto, Kazuko (1991)

    Materials and Techniques: cotton gauze and rocks

    Subjects: circles (plane figures)

    Local Subjects: world; universe