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  1. Cloud Elements Cloud Elements (Work) by Hom, Mei-Ling (2004)

    Materials and Techniques: installation

    Local Subjects: clouds; Hom, Mei-Ling

  2. Untitled #11 Untitled #11 (Work) by Zhang, Hongtu (1988)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media on paper and canvas

    Subjects: rock; landscapes (representations)

    Local Subjects: clouds; Zhang, Hongtu; fundamental reality

  3. Invitation to Rest Invitation to Rest (Work) by Paik, Younhee (1998)

    Materials and Techniques: installation

    Subjects: water; symbolism (artistic concept); symbols; light (energy); Nature; meditation

    Local Subjects: ripples; clouds; Paik, Younhee; cosmos

  4. Hera/Hara Hera/Hara (Work) by Okuhara, Tetsuaki (1990)

    Materials and Techniques: silver gelatin prints

    Subjects: water; trees; Nature; Okuhara, Tetsu

    Local Subjects: clouds

  5. Cloud Cloud (Work) by Lim, Choong Sup (1987)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media installation

    Local Subjects: clouds; Lim, Choong Sup

  6. Pink Dreamer Pink Dreamer (Work) by Hung, Sui Ying (2000)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media on canvas

    Subjects: flowers (plants); aves (class); birds (animals)

    Local Subjects: clouds; Hung, Sui Ying; cherry blossom

  7. Not Mary Poppins Not Mary Poppins (Work) by Lee, Bovey (2006)

    Materials and Techniques: paper cutout drawing

    Subjects: women; icons; umbrellas; shadows; masterpiece (concept); animals; aves (class); birds (animals)

    Local Subjects: deities; clouds; Lee, Bovey; Chinese elements

  8. Air+Plane: Study in Landscape Air+Plane: Study in Landscape (Work) by Yi, Jason S. (2001)

    Materials and Techniques: multimedia installation

    Subjects: landscapes (representations); travel; airplanes; atmosphere; paper airplanes

    Local Subjects: clouds; Yi, Jason S.; sky

  9. The Space 12 The Space 12 (Work) by Kim, Soon-im (2007)

    Materials and Techniques: Installation of 396 pieces of stones from Gihon river. Wool from Patricia who live in Johnson, VT USA.

    Subjects: rain

    Local Subjects: clouds; Kim, Soon-Im; Gihon River