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  1. American Pie American Pie (Work) by Choi, Sung Ho (1996)

    Materials and Techniques: silkscreen mural

    Subjects: immigrants; newspapers; flags; targets (sports equipment); multiculturalism; United States (nation)

    Local Subjects: Choi, Sung Ho; American dream

  2. Forced Embrace Forced Embrace (Work) by Johnson, Indira Freitas (2003)

    Materials and Techniques: miced media sculpture

    Subjects: soil; nations; flags; multiculturalism; India (nation); United States (nation)

    Local Subjects: Johnson, Indira Freitas

  3. 4c Pony Express 4c Pony Express (Work) by Li-Lan (1991)

    Materials and Techniques: oil on linen

    Subjects: correspondence; postage stamps; flags; airplanes; Li-Lan; United States (nation)

  4. Armed Armed (Work) by Shin, Jean (2005)

    Materials and Techniques: Cut fabric (U.S. Military Uniforms), thread and starch

    Subjects: wars; politics; camouflage; soldiers; military uniforms; United States (nation)

    Local Subjects: Korean War; Shin, Jean; World War II; Vietnam War