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  1. Memories of Dancing Cranes Memories of Dancing Cranes (Work) by Ting, Mary (1988)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media installation

    Subjects: birds (animals); aves (class); memory; Nature; windows

    Local Subjects: Ting, Mary

  2. (Title Unknown) (Title Unknown) (Work) by Fortes, John Yoyogi

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media painting

    Subjects: heads (representations); identity; memory; men (male humans); self-portraits; silhouettes

    Local Subjects: Fortes, John Yoyogi; spirituality

  3. Front Page Typed By Memory  (2002) Front Page Typed By Memory (Work) by Chang, Rutherford (2002)

    Materials and Techniques: carbon prints

    Subjects: knowledge; memory

    Local Subjects: Chang, Rutherford; news

  4. Tangle Tangle (Work) by Dang, Tai (2006)

    Materials and Techniques: site specific performance

    Subjects: dance; dancers; memory; New York (inhabited place)

    Local Subjects: Dang, Tai

  5. What's Real and What's Illusion What's Real and What's Illusion (Work) by Okuhara, Tetsuaki (1986)

    Materials and Techniques: silver gelatin prints

    Subjects: ancestors; composite portraits; fathers; memory; Okuhara, Tetsu; portraits; time

  6. Interior w/ Green Wall Interior with Green Wall (Work) by Nguyen, Long (1987)

    Materials and Techniques: oil on canvas

    Subjects: memory; smokestacks; tables (support furniture); violence; wars

    Local Subjects: Nguyen, Long; Vietnam War; devastation

  7. Physical Memory Physical Memory (Work) by Araki, Yoshiki (1985)

    Materials and Techniques: oil and wood on canvas

    Subjects: Hiroshima (inhabited place); memory; pain (sensation); seascapes; wars

    Local Subjects: Araki, Yoshiki; World War II; wounds

  8. Memorial Memorial (Work) by Imagire, Dorothy

    Materials and Techniques: mixed-media installation

    Subjects: histories; memory; racial discrimination

    Local Subjects: burden; Executive Order 9066; Imagire, Dorothy; Japanese-American internment; World War II

  9. Throne for Two Generations Throne for Two Generations (Work) by Chong, Albert V. (1991)

    Materials and Techniques: photographs

    Subjects: ancestors; books; chairs; Chong, Albert; memorials; memory; men (male humans); portraits; seashell

  10. The Story About My Father The Story about my Father (Work) by Chong, Albert V. (1995)

    Materials and Techniques: thermal transfer print on canvas with incised copper metal

    Subjects: ancestors; Chong, Albert; families; flowers (plants); memorials; memory; men (male humans); photocollages (photographic compositions); photographs; portraits