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  1. Security blanket Security blanket (Work) by Wan, Jan-Ru (1999)

    Materials and Techniques: pennies stitched into blanket

    Subjects: materials; textiles; holism; security

    Local Subjects: luck; Wan, Jan-Ru; body

  2. Bunker Motel/Emergency Womb Bunker Motel/Emergency Womb (Work) by Nagasawa, Nobuho (1995)

    Materials and Techniques: site specific installation

    Subjects: bunkers; egg; love; wars; bombs (explosive weapons); security; peace

    Local Subjects: Nagasawa, Nobuho; World War II

  3. Poster Homeland Security Garden (Work) by Lee, Chang-Jin (2005)

    Materials and Techniques: artificial maze w/ 200 "emergency kit"

    Subjects: gardens; freedom; security

    Local Subjects: survival; crisis