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  1. We the People "We the People" (Work) by Choi, Sung Ho (1990)

    Materials and Techniques: tempera, graphite, and acrylic on canvas

    Subjects: men (male humans); constitutions; protesting; flags

    Local Subjects: Choi, Sung Ho; race relations; racial violence; American dream

  2. American Pie American Pie (Work) by Choi, Sung Ho (1996)

    Materials and Techniques: silkscreen mural

    Subjects: immigrants; newspapers; flags; targets (sports equipment); multiculturalism; United States (nation)

    Local Subjects: Choi, Sung Ho; American dream

  3. Peace Shrine Peace Shrine (Work) by Tsuda, Rumiko (1996)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media installation and performance

    Subjects: Shinto; women; rituals (events); continents; flags; peace

    Local Subjects: spirituality; world; Tsuda, Rumiko; spiritual energy

  4. Hope of the Motherland Hope of the Motherland (Work) by Bose, Santiago

    Materials and Techniques: paperworks

    Subjects: Philippines (nation); men (male humans); flags

    Local Subjects: Jose Rizal; Bose, Santiago

  5. (Title Unknown 1) (Title Unknown) (Work) by Lee, Corky

    Materials and Techniques: photography

    Subjects: portraits; women; youth; children (people by age group); histories; immigration; profiles (figures); flags; girls

    Local Subjects: Lee, Corky

  6. (Title Unknown) (Title Unknown) (Work) by Wong, Martin (1985)

    Materials and Techniques: acrylic on canvas

    Subjects: flags; motorcycles; Wong, Martin

  7. Stars & Stripes Stars & Stipes (Work) by Mafong, Richard

    Materials and Techniques: sculpture

    Subjects: flags

    Local Subjects: Mafong, Richard

  8. (Title Unknown) (Title Unknown) (Work) by Lee, Bing

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media collage

    Subjects: flags; heads (representations)

    Local Subjects: Lee, Bing

  9. Security Flag Security Flag (Work) by Jain, Vandana (2002)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media collage

    Subjects: icons; flags

    Local Subjects: Jain, Vandana

  10. Trading Identity Trading Identity (Work) by Lee, Bovey (2006)

    Materials and Techniques: paper cutout drawing

    Subjects: stars; cards (information artifacts ); shadows; flags; identity; heads (representations); hands (animal components)

    Local Subjects: body; Lee, Bovey

  11. Flag Flag (Work) by Furusho, Kenta (2000)

    Materials and Techniques: cloth collage

    Subjects: color; flags; horseback riding

    Local Subjects: Furusho, Kenta; cowboys

  12. Forced Embrace Forced Embrace (Work) by Johnson, Indira Freitas (2003)

    Materials and Techniques: miced media sculpture

    Subjects: soil; nations; flags; multiculturalism; India (nation); United States (nation)

    Local Subjects: Johnson, Indira Freitas

  13. 4c Pony Express 4c Pony Express (Work) by Li-Lan (1991)

    Materials and Techniques: oil on linen

    Subjects: correspondence; postage stamps; flags; airplanes; Li-Lan; United States (nation)