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  1. The Game The Game (Work) by Peet, Yin (1991)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed-media installation

    Subjects: men (male humans); women; games; flowers (plants); chessmen

    Local Subjects: duality; relationships; yin yang; Peet, Yin; coexistence

  2. Chance City Chance City (Work) by Shin, Jean (2001)

    Materials and Techniques: Discarded "Scratch + Win" losing lottery tickets

    Subjects: cityscapes; games; lotteries; rubbish

    Local Subjects: Shin, Jean

  3. The Future is in our Hands series no. 1 - Teen game The Future is in our Hands series no. 1 - Teen game (Work) by Ho, Sin-ying (2008)

    Materials and Techniques: porcelain, glaze, and decal-transfer

    Subjects: motifs, ornamental; children (people by age group); culture; technology; games; video games

    Local Subjects: Ho, Sin-ying; visual pun