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  1. Byron Goto's Project Plan Artist Project Plan (Document) by Goto, Byron (0000)
  2. Plan for TransLATION TransPLANTING TransFORMATION Artist Project Plan for "transLATION*transPLANTING*transFORMATION", [1998] (Document) by Peet, Yin (1998)

    Artist project notes (draft drawing) for "transLATION*transPLANTING*transFORMATION", a performance with artists, Yin Peet, Steve Friedman, Meng Lang.

  3. Plan for Mendacity Artist Project Plan for "Mendacity (The City of Lies)" (Document) by Fukushima, Ken (0000)

    Artist project plan for "Site of Mendacity: Landscape with a Tear", 1983-1984.

  4. Plan for Fruit Muse Live, pg 1 Artist Project Plan for "Fruit Muse Live", [1993] (Document) by Peet, Yin (0000)

    Artist project notes for "Fruit Muse Live", a performance at Asian American Arts Centre, New York City on Mar. 26, 1993.