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  1. Packing instructions for wound suit Artist Production Notes for "wound suit", 1996 (Document) by Tsong, Jane (1996)

    Packing instructions for "wound suit", 1996.

  2. Directions for Extravagance of Memory II, pg 1 Artist Instructions Notes for "Extravagance of Memory II", [2000] (Document) by Tsong, Jane (2000)

    Artist Instruction Notes (handouts for participants) for "Extravagance of Memory II" at the 10th Annual Exhibition at Asian American Arts Centre, New York City, from Sep. 22-Nov. 4, 2000. "The Extravagance of Memory II is a serial drawing comprised of 108 sheets of 8 1/2*11" paper hung together on a wall. The drawing was created by this process: After drawing the letter "I" carefully onto the first sheet of paper, I asked a stranger to copy it as accurately as possible onto a blank sheet of paper. The resulting (second generation) drawing was then given to another stranger to copy (creating a third generation). This process was repeated until the series reached 108 generations. I consider the process to be an archeology of collective memory, because the inevitable shifts in the image result from the active reading and interpretation of each participant."--artist statement