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  1. Essay for "Millennium" Essay by Norman Bryson for exhibition "Millennium", 1999 (Document) by Tse, Shirley (1999)

    Essay for exhibition "Millennium" at Take Gallery, New York City, summer 1999.

  2. East of the Sun, catalog, cover Excerpts from exhibition catalog, East of the Sun, 1998 (Document) by Yi, Jason S. (1998)

    Exhibition curated by Fred H. C. Lian and Jason S. Yi. Introduction essay by Mysoon Rizk.

  3. Journey to the East 1998, cover Excerpts from brochure for "Journey to the East 1998", Asia Society, 1998 (Document) by Yung, Danny (1998)

    Brochure for "Journey to the East 1998" at Asia Society, New York City, from Oct. 2-3, 1998. Essay text by Mathias Woo.

  4. Mohan Samant, catalog, cover Essay by Avani Prikh from artist catalog, Mohan Samant, 1996 (Document) by Samant, Mohan (1996)


  5. boxing painting, leaflet, pg 1 Essay "The Mutant Art of Ushio Shinohara" by Noriko Shinohara with Gail Levin from leaflet, Gibson Gallery, 2004 (Document) (2004)

    Leaflet for the performance of "boxing painting" for the opening of the exhibition "Resounding Spirit: Japanese Contemporary Art of the 1960s" at Gibson Gallery at the Art Museum of State University of New York at Potsdam, from Feb. 6-Apr. 4, 2004.

  6. Yeong Gill Kim: Paintings, 1998-2007, cover page Essay by Yu Jin Hwang from exhibition catalog, Yeong Gill Kim: Paintings, 1998-2007, 2007 (Document) by Kim, Yeong Gill (0000)

    Exhibition catalog for "Yeong Gill Kim: Paintings, 1998-2007" at Gallery Korea, New York City, from Dec. 19, 2007-Jan. 18, 2008.

  7. Drawn and Un-drawn Paintings of Yeong Gill Kim, cover page Essay "Drawn and Un-drawn Paintings of Yeong Gill Kim" by Bahk Young-Taik from exhibition catalog, Recent Works by Yeong Gill Kim, 1998 (Document) by Kim, Yeong Gill (1998)

    Exhibition catalog for "Recent Works by Yeong Gill Kim" at POSCO Art Museum, Seoul, Korea, from Jun. 24-Jul. 23, 1998.