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  1. East of the Sun, catalog, cover Excerpts from exhibition catalog, East of the Sun, 1998 (Document) by Yi, Jason S. (1998)

    Exhibition curated by Fred H. C. Lian and Jason S. Yi. Introduction essay by Mysoon Rizk.

  2. Rethinking a Conceptual Space, pg 1 Essay by Alexandra Chang from exhibition catalog, David Diao/Gang Zhao, 2003 (Document) (2003)

    Excerpts from exhibition catalog for "David Diao/Gang Zhao" at Asian American Arts Centre, New York City, from May 16-Jun 27, 2003.

  3. Mikyung Kim, catalog, title page Excerpt from exhibition catalog, Mikyung Kim, Gallery Nine, 1995 (Document) by Kim, Mikyung (1995)

    Introduction text by Synthia Nadelman.