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  1. Mohan Samant, catalog, cover Essay by Avani Prikh from artist catalog, Mohan Samant, 1996 (Document) by Samant, Mohan (1996)


  2. "Nina Kuo's Mingled Realities" by Eleanor Heartney Article - "Nina Kuo's Mingled Realities" by Eleanor Heartney, 2007 (Document) by Kuo, Nina (2007)

    Article - "Nina Kuo's Mingled Realities" by Eleanor Heartney in a catalog "mythical muse" of Nina Kuo's show "Chanel Chinoiserie", Jan.17 - Feb. 17, 2007

  3. Five From The Orient Exhibition catalog for "Five From The Orient", Bergen County Community Museum, September 1-27 1981 (Document) (1981)

    Group exhibition of work by Ming Fay, Yong Jin Han, Shiou-Ping Liao, Masaaki Sato, and Chihung Yang

  4. Infinite Mirror Excerpts from exhibition catalog, Infinite Mirror: Image of American Identity, 2010 (Document) by Fortes, John Yoyogi (0000)

    Presented by International Arts & Artists, Inc. Produced by Artrain, Inc. Curated by Blake Bradford Co-Curators: Benito Huerta and Robert Lee