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  1. Going To Chicago Sorry But I Can't Take You Going To Chicago Sorry But I Can't Take You (Work) by Huang, Arlan (1983)

    Materials and Techniques: oil on canvas

    Subjects: blood (animal material); knives; women; sexuality; gender issues; nudity

    Local Subjects: femininity; body; Huang, Arlan; power

  2. Death and Rebirth V Death and Rebirth V (Work) by Johnson, Indira Freitas (2003)

    Materials and Techniques: linoleum block print

    Subjects: blood (animal material); philosophy; reincarnation; deaths

    Local Subjects: spirituality; body; Johnson, Indira Freitas

  3. CBC (Complete Blood Counts) CBC (Complete Blood Counts) (Work) by Liou, Jawshing Arthur (2003)

    Materials and Techniques: High definition display, stereo sound installation

    Subjects: blood (animal material); motion; red; infants

    Local Subjects: body; Liou, Jawshing Arthur