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Yung, Danny

Other Names: Rong Nianzeng; Ning Tsun; N.T.


"Danny Yung's first one-person cartoon exhibition was presented by Hong Kong Arts Center in 1978. His experimental film and video arts were shown at many international festivals in the early eighties: Berlin, Tokyo, Edinburgh, Rotterdam, London, Hong Kong and New York. He is also the honorary curator on Hong Kong video arts for several international video festivals in Japan, Europe and United States. His installation and conceptual arts have appeared in many galleries in Hong Kong and abroad…

Yung's involvement with the stage started in the late seventies in Hong Kong. He has participated in more than one hundred productions in the last twenty years as director, playwright, stage designer. His widely acclaimed works have toured Japan, Taiwan, Belgium, Germany, England and United States.

He acquired his rich and colorful background over a period of several decades in America and in Asia. Born in China, Yung grew up in Hong Kong and at age 17 went to the United States, where he spent his next 18 years of his life. He received his education in architecture and urban design from the University of California at Berkeley and Columbia University.

Yung was labeled as rabble rouser by the Hong Kong press. Critics have reacted differently to his highly structural work in performing arts and dance theater. The reactions have run the gamut, ranging from 'abstract' and 'confusing' to 'lack of human touch' and 'irritating' all the way to 'powerful' and 'spellbound'..."

Excerpts from Artist Biography, [2005]

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