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Hu, Bing

Other Names: 胡冰


"I believe every daily element has [its] own life. (ironing board, chair, and underwear etc.) These form relationship among themselves. The daily use, generally hard, strong forms and structures of these objects obscures the inner meaning of their [existence]. I give these objects anthropomorphic meaning.

"The image of my work is the soft sogginess of [existence] fragments of the hard outside. I am interested in the sexuality of these objects and their sensual experience of their use. I want to portray the ambiguous instant of vulnerability and [its] intimate origin. My art captures a momentary vision of spirit that glimpsed peripherally and seen named without its outside structure. My art is not trying to present a new idea or theory, but rather is a [celebration] of a pure visual way, feeling our daily life."

Bing Hu, Artist Statement, November 1992

Gallery of Selected Works